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Understanding The Secrets of Google's Five-day Design Sprint – How it Works?

The present age is the best time for design. With eminent names such as Facebook and Twitter enthusiastically accepted design as an integral part of their culture. GV one of the hundreds of companies impressed with this latest trend is dedicated to provide venture capital to startups. Rumors related to these trends started to catch up the moment Braden Kowitz was appointed the first designer of team in the year 2010. That was the time when CEOs started hearing about the significance of design. However, they didn’t have a clue of what that actually meant. Also, most of these companies did not have enough skilled / experienced designers on staff.

Five Day Google Design Sprint - The Secret

As per Braden Kowitz, many big tech companies are having a design in their DNA. Kowitz, the user experience designer at Google has been dedicated to develop impressive products such as Gmail and Google Apps. However, the opportunity to work with businesses caught his imagination. He believes design holds a huge impact on what an organization does and what it is all about.

Design is a prominent part of tech giants such as Google and Facebook. Kowitz looks forward to get into companies when they are only three people. There is also a scope of these companies to grow.

New Habits from Sprints

During his early days at GV, Kowitz cycled around to the varied startups in San Francisco. He helped them solve various issues and guided them towards a design-led approach. However, it became quite clear that implementation of a real change was tough. Kowitz remembers how corporation founders would probe him on how they could integrate design into their business. He would simply go in and explain the basic design process the team would need. Although they agreed to the solution, he did not see any change in the organization, afterwards. He says that altering habits as an individual is tough. Similarly, altering the habits of an organization is tougher.

The solution here is to develop a process by Website Designing & Development Company that any corporation can easily follow. The five-day design sprint was the ultimate solution. The approach lays out a system for corporations to solve any design problem within the course of 7 days. Since then, this has been making waves in the entire web industry.

It goes like the following:

Monday - Discuss the problem at hand
Tuesday - Sketch your solutions
Wednesday - Pick your favourite

Thursday - Prototype it
Friday - Test it with users

Critique – An Integral Part of Design Sprints

According toc Kowitz, the future of design will have a critique as its integral part. This is an inward-looking process that has almost proven that the design industry is simply a bunch of skilled people creating beautiful things for each other.

With design taking a more prominent role, designers are facing a lot of challenges in terms of creativity and uniqueness. Since design starts to move into the core of businesses, it is important to develop a design that actually works.

Moving away from just the designing things is the key to having a great website. The design work and help making company perform better online. These also make an experience for customers better. More you focus on its essence and customer service, the better it gets.
Understanding The Secrets of Google's Five-day Design Sprint – How it Works? Understanding The Secrets of Google's Five-day Design Sprint – How it Works? Reviewed by Parvesh Bravo on July 08, 2017 Rating: 5

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